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Kensington Through my Window Screen

A window screen serves as a diffraction grating, which breaks up the colors of light like a prism. This picture was taken with an 8"-diameter mirror telescope at a focal length of 8,000mm (compared to the “normal” lens of 43mm – 55mm), so it’s like looking through a 160-power telescope.

The following series shows what the scene looks like through progressively less magnification.

The 8" telescope with tripods and camera set up to take the photo. I usually use 2 tripods: one to hold the lens and one to support the camera.

Vibration is always a problem at high magnification, so I had to wait until people stopped walking around in the building and there were no cars going by outside on the street. You could look at it this way: if you wanted to detect the slightest vibration using some sort of visual system, this would be the way to do it.

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