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Reflections in a Window

At 6,000mm focal length (120 times magnification), reflections in a San Francisco office window of another building become abstract designs not visible to the naked eye.


Currents at Berkeley Marina

I am often asked if I use any filters to get the colors in my photographs. This photo and the one following show that I don’t — because the street lights are rendered in their natural color (blue-green) and this is a complementary color to orange, it shows that filters cannot have been used (otherwise all colors would be shifted toward the color of the filter).

San Leandro Bay

Mud Flats at Pt. Molate

Landscapes That Emphasize the “Escapes” in “Telescapes”

Capitol Reef (Utah)

Torrey Breaks (near Capitol Reef)

Just I, my 8" x 10" camera with a Pentax 6x7 on the back, 450mm lens, and a few cows were the only witnesses to this scene. It’s hard to see in a picture this small but the white deposits that look like snow at the base of the eroded cliff (“breaks”) are actually mineral salt deposits. In a 22" x 28" print the image is so sharp that you can clearly see every (white) horizontal striation in the hillside by looking at the print from about 10" away.

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